In-Congress Tours

On Thursday, October 3, we will offer a series of excursions for all participants. They are valuable opportunities to get acquainted with the forestry research carried out in the area around where Congress will take place.

We are working to provide participants with meaningful technical and cultural experiences.

You will have the opportunity to choose visits to areas of scenic interest, forestry companies, traditional communities or research institutions.

At the time of your registration, you may already be able to indicate your interest in several of these visits, but keep in mind that the schedule may change based on the general interest.

Planned Topics

1PLANTED FORESTSForestry operations in nurseries and pine and eucalyptus at Klabin, Brazil's largest producer and exporter of paper.
2Pine plantations used to produce logs and also in integrated silvopastoral activities.
3 Pine nurseries and plantations used to produce MDF, MDP, plywood, pulp, energy, solid wood, and lumber for civil construction.
4Forest nurseries producing seedlings of pine, eucalyptus, and Brazilian species.
5INDUSTRIAL PROCESSESProduction of paper for various purposes and solid wood processing.
6Production of wood/plastic composites.
7Production of sawn lumber and structured wood panels
8Production of structural components for home construction and wood framing.
9Timber processing of Amazon species to produce solid wood flooring.
10FORESTS/NATIVE VEGETATIONPayment for environmental services: a success story
11Curitiba’s historic water reservoirs and trails in native forests.
12Sandstone formations, craters with native vegetation, and water reservoirs, with a focus on endangered species.
13Different protocols and models for forest restoration.
14PARKS AND URBAN AREASCuritiba’s Botanical Garden and urban forests in Capão do Tigre and Airumã Parks.
15Parks in Curitiba: The Botanical Garden, Passeio Público, the Pope’s Woods [ Bosque do Papa ], the German Woods [ Bosque Alemão ], and São Lourenço, Tanguá, Tingui, and Barigui Parks.
16FOREST RESEARCHControl of forest pests and the introduction and improvement of Eucalyptus in Brazil
17National Forest Inventory, dendrochronology applied to forest management and the conservation and genetic improvement of conifer species .
18Integrated silvopastoral systems and ecological agroforestry systems.
19EducationalAn overview of forest measurements, forest inventory, and forest management in Brazil. Presentation of SIS software for forest management.
20The forest-based sector, government planning, and business representations of the productive chain of timber, as well as consulting companies and forest management.
21PRODUCTION SYSTEMSAgroforestry systems in different organizational structures, reforestation with rapid-growing species and environmental protection areas.
22Non-timber forest products. Palm heart plantations and the Graciosa Highway to observe the natural forest.
23Integration of productive areas and environmental protection area in rural properties.








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